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Container floor

A brand new way of making container floors. Longer lasting and more environmental friendly.


International container owners want to reduce the use of floors made from rainforest wood. They also need stronger and longer lasting floors than.

Wood Plastic Composites floors
  • Lifespan  + 20 years

  • Resists rot, bugs and bacterial infestation

  • First international container floor made of Wood Plastic Composites (WPC)

  • Environmental friendly

The Pilot

The first extruded floor boards are ready for testing.

The floors are made with an anti-slip structure so that workers and drivers don't slip while working on the floors.

Floor testing w NTNU.jpg
First test

The floors are being tested in laboratories and also in containers.

The floors are made to handle humid conditions, rough use and heavy loads.

From left: Prof. Sotirios Grammatikos, NTNU and Chair Jan Erik Hager, Woodrock.

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